Designed in keeping with British Standards, these adjustable props/struts are of high grade steel. They are ideal for any type of construction requiring adjustable load-bearing. Rough height adjustment is made possible by way of a heavy duty steel pin inserted into a slot in the outer tubular steel body through one of the best suited holes (in terms of offering the approx. height extension) in the inner heavy duty tube. Precision adjustment of height is affected by a lever attached to a cast iron collar located just below the pin.

Core Features:

AMA Props / Shoring Posts fully conform to the requirements of BS 4074 : 1982 and have been tested in accordance with BS 5507 Part 3 : 1982.

AMA Props / Shoring Posts are manufactured from high quality material with a painted finish for long life and are highly resistant to site wear and tear.

AMA Props / Shoring Posts can be used on all types of building construction of for any type of use where and adjustable load-bearing member is required.

Product Range:

Available in eight lengths with a variety of associated accessories.