As a major player in the field of construction with over 50 years of experience in all its related spheres, AMA has an astute understanding of onsite requirements of factors that allow scope for improvement and build increasingly efficient systems. The AMA XL Soldier System is one such resultant product that offers immense economies in cost of time, labour and other resources.

Outstanding Features:

The XL Soldier is an ideal balance of weight, stiffness, strength and durability with diamond apertures and stiffening ribs.

Scope of usage:

Keeps deflection in concrete finish to negligible levels despite high concrete pressure.

Allows soldiers spacing and tie loads to be optimized when used in conjunction with the added strength of walings. Adapts to non-formwork applications thereby reducing dependence on specialized equipment.

Product Range:

Available in eight lengths with a variety of associated accessories.


The use of AMA XL Soldier System in combination with expansive sheets of high quality plywood helps to keep joint marks and other surface defacing to a bare minimum. The Aluminium walings used with soldiers offer further resistance to pressures of the poured concrete, thereby reducing deflections in the form face to negligible levels.

Moreover the added strength of the walings allows maximum spacing out of soldiers which in turn translates to a major saving in costs. This advantage is somewhat nullified by the use of timber walings, which lack the sturdiness of Aluminium walings.

Both soldiers systems and the walings are designed to speed up the process of assembling and dismantling of formwork through the use of quick fixing clamps and timber inserts in the face of walings.

Fewer ties need to be used with the introduction of a new She-bolt tie system which is designed specially to match the load bearing capacity of the soldiers. It has a 17 mm diameter with a permissible load carrying capacity of 115kN at any location along the soldier. This capacity does not decrease with higher bending moments. In order to provide an added safety factor during higher pours, soldiers can be used as props in an inclined position.


Clamps designed to rigidly fix timber waling of any size to soldiers


A quick fix attachment of metal walings to soldiers through the simple positioning of a wedge.


Clamps by which Aluminium beams/walings can be securely attached to soldiers.


Can be secured to either end of a soldier to aid easy lifting by cranes through the provision of a hooking device.


They help to support walings and form faces during crane handling. They are also a base to fit lifting brackets onto soldiers.


Helps to fix two soldiers at right angles when used with standard Dywidag tie rods, thrust plate and nuts.


These help to stabilize formworks by fitting into the base of soldiers and anchoring it to the ground by means of a base plate and a strut.


Used as a pair horizontally to serve as a plumbing device for climbing forms,, though they are generally used to level formworks.